As A Mother

I Hear You! With 4 Kids of My Own
I Know What it’s Like to Be a Mom Today!
The 3 Reasons Why Mothers
Benefit Immensely from Coaching
  • When it’s your stuff you can’t see it!

    For as much as other people try to suggest ways, approaches or strategies to improve your parenting skills, you often just don’t get it. You feel frustrated and judged that you don’t always know what to do. Seeing situations clearly is a challenge since you are so emotionally involved with your children. Reaching the state of being lovingly detached is the way to have a more conscious perspective. It requires objective tools that help you define who you are and who they are in their strengths and weaknesses.

  • When you feel like you are doing the wrong thing you make mistakes!

    Often parenting becomes a “keep up with the Joneses” game. So many parents feel guilty now because they overwork so they simply do anything to please their kids. And because they are often tired, they give in to so much just to keep peace at home. There is a much better and even balanced way. By understanding each other’s personality, you bring harmony into your family life, increase open dialogue and put yourself in control.

  • When you follow friendly advice it just gets you more confused!

    All you have to do is look around to see the different ways to be a parent. Each person has her own approach based on what she learned, lived, tried or read. Well, there is a better way! Listening to your first impression and trusting your intuition is so vital as a mother. You are naturally able to do this… when you are not distracted by “all the noise” out there. You need peace and calm to access this inner knowing so you reach more “effortless” and more “joyful” parenting.

    Stop the trial & error parenting approach. Get tools to prepare your kids for life!
    Do you want to improve your relationship with your kids & improve them?

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Your Children are the Most Important People in Your Life!

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“Working with Diana to discover my needs was very eye opening for me. Now I communicate better with my spouse and children. Her programs are worth investing in and ones I greatly value.”
Siobhan Wilcox, Founder of the Thrive Now Blueprint
“My life took a turn for the better once I signed up to work with Diana. I spent my whole life feeling guilty and critical about everything. I was ruining my family. Thanks, Diana.”
Cristina O. Pilates Trainer

Give Your Children These 3 Things
Whether you are planning to have kids, are in toddler, tween or teen phases or already a grandmother,
never underestimate the importance of understanding! Relationships are stressed, strained and ruined
through the lack of truly feeling “what it is like” to be the other person.

Because You Are A Woman, You FEEL the Importance of These 3 Things for Yourself and Your Children.


    Most of my clients say that “personality conflicts” are what ruin their family relationships! Do you understand your loved one’s unique personality & needs? Are you able to really “feel” who they are? Are you conversations about things out there in the world or the “things to do” list? When was the last time you really had a heart to heart talk? The most important thing to you is to have a real, profound, loving and trusting connection with your kids!


    When you are unsure and doubtful, you better believe your kids will run all over you and drive you crazy. How can you be more confident in your parenting? How can you raise confident children? It simply starts with knowing each other’s personality, character and needs! It’s all about nourishing the innate talents and making them feel great about what they naturally do well. It’s about you stopping the trial and error approach to parenting and gaining the confidence to know you are doing the best for each one of your kids individually.


    At the end of the day, the greatest SATISFACTION in parenting comes when you know your children are making conscious choices. You know then they are able to bloom and blossom with fewer hardships (or trouble). You desire to see their lives unfold in a gracious way. You desire for them to live a meaningful life, to find their purpose and contribute to the greater good. How do you make them aware without nagging or creating fear? How can you prevent bullying or being bullied, eating disorders, excessive distractions on internet? Try raising their level of self awareness!

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It’s time to take really understand how to nourish their uniqueness.
Watch this excerpt of a session done for mother with 2 sons.

Set Your Children Up for Happiness.
Create the Connection, Confidence and Consciousness.
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Yes, my daughter and 3 sons (plus their steady girlfriends) and I have fun times together. It wasn’t always easy though.

  • We went through a lot together, from illness to divorce to unmentionable hardships. But since we established a deep understanding of each other’s personality and needs years ago, we have always able to make it through everything respecting and loving each other profoundly.
  • Since I have been a trainer and coach for the past 20 years, I was inspired to create a unique Personality Profile to really support parents, especially moms who search to improve themselves in every aspect of their lives.
  • I noticed though that there are massive differences between many generic results coaching processes and my method. The first one is based on “what you want” so you set your expectations and perform (and want others to act too in a certain way) to get a certain outcome. But what you want is not always reachable peacefully because it is not aligned with who everyone is.
Understand Personality Needs Not Wants
The specific personality coaching that my clients receive from me is based on “what they need and what their children need”. It gives them clarity on the subjective perception they have of themselves, of others and of life. That way they are able to create what is best for who they are and it allows their children to be grow into being their best selves too.
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Let’s talk now,
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