For Smart Women & Intuitive Men
“Living on Purpose Creating Prosperity”
Ever thought that maybe you’re here for something more?
And now you’re feeling frustrated, confused and nervous because you really want to succeed at it?
Sure, it’s hard when you let others down… but it’s worse when you feel you’re failing yourself!

“Before you can know WHAT you want,
you must know WHO you are!”
Diana Dentinger

“Living on Purpose Creating Prosperity”

Total Life Transformation 9 Week One on One Coaching

My mission is to help you create an amazing lifestyle that meets your unique needs so you find the happiness, success and fulfillment you deserve. This program is limited to 12 people a year so you each get individual attention.


You’ve achieved above average results, but it’s not nearly
where you want to be. Maybe you feel now that you’re sort of
stuck in a rut.

And it’s not because you haven’t worked hard enough, matured
enough or even tried enough things.

It’s because you haven’t deeply found who you are! Like
everyone else, you go through the motions, you do somethings
you love and somethings out of routine.

You, though, and not everyone else, have a burning desire to be
everything you were meant to be!

This program is different from any other program ever created!
Based on the Personality & Needs Profile™ it provides you
with the most exact description of your unique Personality &
Needs in 12 different areas of YOUR life.

Without understanding your unique individual Needs, you
never understand the driving force, the powerful
sensations, the profound self love and satisfaction that
massively move you in the direction of YOUR life.

Without knowing your Personality and your highest
Potential your vision wavers weakly, your plans pitfall and
your outcomes are only ok.

You are extraordinary! You deserve to BE more!

  • I get to the root cause of your dissatisfaction, frustration and confusion so it NEVER comes back! Things shift inside of you so the real you emerges empowered!”
– Diana Dentinger

But don’t take my word for it, hear what my clients have to say…

“Why did it take me so long to discover myself? After school I chose a career that took all the life out of me! I needed a change and with Diana’s coaching I became certain of my personal calling. My new business is flourishing.”

– Simona B., Sales Representative

“The day after our first session, a professional issue magically resolved itself saving me over $30,000. I know it happened because of the instant clarity and new perspective I gained working with Diana.”

– Costanza T., Art Curator

“Diana, you have blown me away with what you knew! It was so impressive and accurate. You have surprised me so many times with your insights and your amazingly accurate perceptions… and also your generosity! You are so talented and intuitive. Everyone will be very impressed with what they learn about themselves and their dear ones in life.”

– Lorie Marrero, Author of The Clutter Diet

Here is just a taste of what you will get with in the
“Living on Purpose Creating Prosperity”
9 Week One on One Coaching Program
Live Call Week 1
“Will the Real You Please Stand Up?”

Finally discover and claim who you are at the core of your being.

This week you get a crystal clear snapshot of the best version of yourself so you can
show up bigger and better! This allows you to start right away to get more out of your life!

Sometimes personal growth can feel like work! This program is all about play, creativity and excitement so you come out a winner in your game of life.

What this means to you
You connect to the lightness and fun feeling of who you are! By getting your
personalized, clear and accurate description, you eliminate all the confusion and self
doubt from your life. As a result you can better define WHAT you want because
you know WHO you are.

The 22 Ways to Play the Game of Life Board
Game Plan Manual Week 1
Your Inner Personality, Personal Project, Personality Plus Archetypes

  • Working with Diana to discover my needs was very eye opening for me. It supported me to communicate better with my spouse and children as I understood how my innate reaction were. Her programs are worth investing in and ones I greatly value.”
– Siobhan Wilcox, Founder of the Thrive Now Blueprint
Live Call Week 2
“Fulfill Your Hidden Desires”

Tune in to what really propels you forward and create more momentum in your life through accessing the power of desires.

In this call you discover how to skyrocket your passion for life, bask in your inner
beauty and start doing more of what makes you feel alive. You get clear on what business suits your personality and what
lifestyle suits your needs!

What this means to you
When you focus on MAKING yourself happy, instead of expecting others to do so, then you attract opportunities that bring on even MORE! This is where the real fun begins!

Your Personalized Path to Prosperity Game Board
Game Plan Manual Week 2
Your Top 3 Personality Cards

  • I feel so relieved after being in this program. It reconfirmed the things I sensed to be true about myself but that I didn’t know how to use. Now I know exactly how to take my life experiences to help my clients.”
– Silvia P., Shiatsu Practitioner
Live Call Week 3
“Double Your Pleasure & Productivity on Purpose”

Formulate a Powerful Purpose Statement that opens you to self realization, allows you to become a more effective decision maker and more efficient time manager.

This week you really see how changing your focus, you can change your reality.You learn to say no to situations which are not aligned with your overall purpose and yes to your newfound identity, vision and higher purpose.

What this means to you
For Women Only: When you learn to plan your day based on Purpose then you enjoy more hours of free time a week. Sorry to say this, but a Getting Things Done time management model is quite limiting for our innate intuitive creative potential.

Your Play on Purpose Blueprint
The Power of Purpose Formula
Game Plan Manual Week 3

  • It was so helpful to learn more about what how timing and ancestry impacts my strengths and my challenges. Diana, your work helps to light a new way forward!”
– Julie Jakopic, iLead Strategies
Live Call Week 4
“Run Your Own Show”
Cast Aside Distractions and Energy Drains

Instead of automatic Cruise Control …. Chose Control of your own life!
Find your unique strategy to overcome stress and release it’s power over you.

In this call you learn how to change your automatic reaction to stress. You know
exactly that this is what is keeping you stuck and ruining your life. Replace it with
specific, beneficial actions so you gain back your vital life force.

What this means to you
When you learn to stay in the flow of opportunity, instead of a stubborn
“victim-carneface” mode, you live better. When you are able to release the energy of
being held back, even by common aches and pains, you start to enjoy life to the
fullest… you evolve!

Get the NAC of It All Exercise
Game Plan Manual Week 4
Your Personal Reaction Archetype

  • The only thing I can say is amazing!”
– Ornella T., CEO Barbera Wine Distribution
Live Call Week 5
“Commit to Recharge and Reconnect”

Discover how to juice up your life and incorporate specific strategies that feel so natural and authentic!

This week you get your 3 Energy Archetypes from your Personalized Formula so you learn how to recharge your emotions, activate your intellect and harmonize your work life balance. Master your energy and thrive!

What this means to you
When you stand your own vibrant energy, you have unwavering self confidence. This allows you to become a greater influencer, impact the lives of more people, show up as a role model for your family, friends and colleagues.

Your Energy Multiplier Formula
Game Plan Manual Week 5
Your Emotion, Intellect and Balance Archetype Cards

  • If I hadn’t worked with Diana I would have left my husband and my kids. We were at a dead end with no way out. Thanks for saving my family!”
– Christina M., Pilates Trainer
Live Call Week 6
Relief from “This job, relationship is killing me”

Explore how to use your new found inner self identity and more vibrant energy to mediate and communicate who you are to the external world. Trouble shoot your reality and your challenges with others, with beliefs, and in different contexts.

In this call you learn how to stay emotionally invested in all areas of your life without the pressure to meet other’s expectations of you. You connect to what a happy relationship and fulfilling career means to you.

What this means to you
For Women Only: Let the “no pain, no gain” paradigm stay in some smelly male gym. You get it now! Gain is best achieved by connecting to your personal value not to struggle, challenge and hardship! When you live your self worth the best people, great money and expansive opportunities come flowing to you.

The Create Greatness Contract
Game Plan Manual Week 6
Your Relationship, Work, Home and Social Archetypes

  • Diana represents the change that I so desperately needed. Before coaching with Diana I was very confused about who I really was, sad and with no enthusiasm for life, doing everything “robotically”, even the things that I once loved doing. She helped me rediscover myself. Amazingly she knew so much more about me than I actually ever did. She went deep. Diana showed me the reasons why I’m not living life to the fullest. Then she gave me guidance on how to learn, and relearn who I truly was. The shift happened and I gained so much awareness that I was a new person feeling happier, more productive and it got better and better. So now I have the changes, the impact, better business, better relationships, all thanks to the clarity, tips, suggestions, connection with myself and my needs that I got from her. Thank you Diana. You truly know how to transform lives and I’m so thankful I was one of them.”
– Vitoria Castro, Video Marketing Strategist
Live Call Week 7
“Sensing Your Way to Health and

Make the “mind” shift from making your way through life to sensing your way through
your life with profound feelings.
Build your self confidence and conviction to create Prosperity everywhere.

This week you learn how to attract an avalanche of opportunities by being in your
intuitive magnetism. You also learn how to measure the quality of life by using your
“Meaning Meter”. Finally you are being a complete person!

You can even understand how to energize yourself by meeting your needs. This
means you can leave behind all the fad diets, exercise programs or hour
long meditation practices.

What this means to you
Instead of making your way through life, over thinking decisions, vibrating out of guilt
or frustration, you allow yourself to vibrate aligned with your true self purpose and
joyfully higher version of yourself. This is how to create Prosperity for you, your
family and loved ones.

The Make Meaning Manifestation Mindset
Game Plan Manual Week 7
Your Relationship, Work, Home and Social Archetype Cards

  • Diana used the Personality & Needs Profile™ to help our Team reach Results this year. Before knowing this method, we were still having petty disagreements and not moving forward. Taking us all through the Program, we finally became aware of each other’s talents and the traits that made us all amazing people. Now we leverage our differences to win in our competitive industry.”
– Laura V., Customer Service Manager, Florence, Italy
Live Call Week 8
“Stop Asking for Permission and Start Enabling Your Plan”

Say yes to your dreams not other’s schemes!
Stop listening even to the gurus and searching for their “right” way. Save time, energy and money by getting focused on your Needs again. Pave the way to earn what you are worth,

In this call you learn how to communicate your value, your purpose and your beingness so you are never again tethered about your choices. Learn even how to perceive the needs of others without giving up on yours.

What this means to you
When you learn this heart felt way to comunicate your needs to others, then the tug of war magically ceases. You finally end all the drama and complaining so you get more balanced, generous, giving relationships both at home and at work.

Get Focus for Fun Game Plan
Game Plan Manual Week 8
Your Personal Reconnect Archetype and Card

  • It connects the human being in a way that feels right!”
– M. Rabbit, Leadership Coach
Live Call Week 9
“Embody, Energize and Engage in Your Ideal Lifestyle”

You can get motivated and inspired by many things outside of you but when your light that flame of really turns you on, you are unstoppable! Get the courage to really play bigger and go farther!

This week you increase your ability to move forward in the real direction of YOUR life by designing a lifestyle aligned with who you are in every area of your Personality and Needs. You learn how to keep a child-like playful perspective and creative connection to your inner vision in your everyday activities.

What this means to you
When you shift to living on purpose, you find yourself light, acting always out of love for yourself and others, experiencing a richer and more fulfilling life.

Your Unique Lifestyle Design
Game Plan Manual Week 9

“So, Diana, this sounds great but how are you going to teach me all this?”

Here are the specifics:

First, you’ll be invited to fill out a personalized questionnaire about your personal wants, desires and goals. Then we set up a dropbox account as a place I upload videos and registrations of your VIP calls. Your personal shadings are sacred, safe and secret with me.

You are guaranteed privacy in each of the LIVE coaching calls.
You can begin when you wish.

I work with people all over the world.
Skype calls take place when it is convenient for you.
The sooner you start the sooner the transformation.
If you are worried you won’t remember all the information from our live calls, don’t be.
You will receive the recordings of each and every call.
This way you can easily find the sections you would like to refer back to later.

Since this is a full implementation program, you get the Game Plan Weekly Manuals
that include templates and checklists to make it easy for you to implement the teachings into your life.

This is not about piling up downloads and recordings.
It is your chance to really change your life for the better, no matter what stage you are in.

The recordings will be uploaded to our private Dropbox account.

In addition, you will receive your Game Plan Weekly Manuals in your email inbox, plus all the other fun downloadables.

To make it an easy choice, I have a special offer for you!

Instead of Euro 7500 for the 9 Week One on One Program you can get in for only Euro 5000

And to make it easier, you can pay in 3 installments.

Click Add to Cart to fill out an Application Questionnaire. No payment is necessary now.

3 Payments of €1795       |       1 Payment of €5000

If you’re still not convinced, there is even more! Here are some added Bonuses:

After Each Session

The Ask Diana Anything Messaging

Life Happens! So I support you every step of the way! When you have any sort of difficulty or confusion or doubt pop up in your daily life, just Private Message me and within 24 hours I will send you an audio reply!

During Each Week

The Ask Diana Anything Messaging

This is your chance to get deeper into your Personal Archetypes because you are living and breathing them in your daily life. You begin to feel the difference between the fuller you now and the lesser you before. Sometimes you need reassurance you are feeling things right!

Towards the End

The Ask Diana Anything Call

Remember, my goal is for you to get as much personalized support as possible. I want you to walk away with so much insight on how to create the life, relationships and career of your dreams! And what you even need is support on how to get those people closest to you involved and with you in your change process. These private message exchanges are about you integrating peacefully the real you!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity of total life transformation
as a person ready to create more prosperity,
health and happiness in your life.
  • Diana is a kind, wise, intuitive & insightful guide. I love her powerful passion that flows through her work, spreading to her clients, enabling them to thrive in all avenues of life. Diana helped me bring out my inner child to support my life’s purpose. If you decide to work with Diana, you’re in for a joy ride that will change your world for the better!!”
– Ariella Forstein – Ariella Approach Voice Coach

Great, you know this is right for you too! Here is what you can look forward to:

  • Life changing personalized personality analysis during the weekly live coaching calls.
  • Your questions and profound wisdom through on going private messaging.
  • Guaranteed personal attention since it is One on One.
  • Maximum impact and accelerated personal trasformation with weekly focused themes.
  • Downloadable Game Plan Manuals to write down your creative insights and research.
  • Your 12 Personal Archetypes from Diana’s proprietary profile the Personality & Needs Profile™.
  • Your own “Path to Prosperity” Game Board and Archetype Cards.

You won’t be taught as a one size fits all strategy to magically turn your life around! You see, I know every person is unique,
your needs are unique and your ways to satsify these needs are also unique.

You won’t have to struggle alone. This is not another cookie cutter info product. It is a full implementation program complete with coaching so you get the personal strategies to your unique situation. You can feel assured I honor your investment.

Join me, Diana Dentinger,
in “Living on Purpose Creating Prosperity” a 9 week One on One Coaching Program
for better relationships, satisfying career, fulfilling lifestyle.
I’m Diana Dentinger, an International Speaker, Best Selling Published Author, Magazine Editor and Founder of The Meaning of Life School™ . Over the past 25 years I have worked as a Corporate Trainer, Personal Development Coach, Parenting Expert and also created a unique Personality Profile.
My journey of purpose and prosperity led me along a path of many fulfilling life experiences. I worked side by side with John of God, the Brazilian spiritual healer in Brazil, Germany and New Zealand; as well as learned even higher self healing techniques from Ed Strachar, Avril Oenone and Raymond Grace. I graciously raise 4 fabulous children, mostly as a single parent; I have traveled to over 30 countries and learned 5 languages.
I have always had a close connection to my higher guides and collaborated with the “universe”. We are co-creators of all my coaching programs. They and I deeply sense the importance of my mission to nourish people’s soul and support their growth.
I feel fortunate that you have chosen me to be your guide along Your Personal Path of Purpose and Prosperity.

Remember that you get this profound 9 Week Personalized VIP Coaching Program

for only Euro 5000 – instead of Euro 7500.

You can also choose the 3 payment plan.

Click Add to Cart to Apply for the Program. Spaces are limited.

3 Payments of €1795       |       1 Payment of €5000

This could easily be the best investment you make
in yourself this year!

Consider this an investment, because it is. It is an investment in your peace of
mind, in your happiness and in your health. No more wasting time or money
paying for generic self help programs that don’t speak to you at a core level. No
more confusion or frustration because you don’t know what to do with your time.
Remember, deciding about WHAT to do comes from knowing WHO you are!

You may be wondering: So, Diana, what is the mumber one most important,
most vital element to having a happy, healthy and fulfilling life?

CLARITY! You must have clarity about WHO you are. That is how this program differs from all the other programs out there. It is about who you are. It is personalized so you see, feel, taste and smell you in your highest version.

You’ll go from being caught up in your routine not going anywhere fast, to capturing moments of inspiration all through your day.

You’ll go from having too many meaningless things to do, to learning how to turn off the rest of the world at will and be happy.

You’ll go from being stressed out and overwhelmed, to having longer moments of pure joy…

In fact, once you finish the first week call, you will be transported into a place where time stands still, where creativity thrives and where the realization of dreams just comes naturally… inside yourself.

Space is Extremely Limited

And it is Application Only Sign Up.
This is open to 12 people a year.

It is for this reason that you must take action right now. If you are reading this then there is still space open for you, but if you decide to leave and “think about it” you may miss out on this opportunity.

For a limited time only you’ll get in the 9 Week Program for only €5000.

But the best part is how easy it is going to be for you to get a return on your investment.

How much has your lack of clarity, dispersiveness, mood changes and guilt cost you so far measured in time or money?
You’ll finish this program feeling like such an amazing person, totally self confident, energetic and unstoppable in life.
And if after the 4th week you feel this is not a good fit for you then I will happily refund your money.
Or Experience 2 Private Full Days with Diana in Italy or Portugal.
All included Accommodations and Coaching €15,000.
I pride myself on giving individual attention and not just filling seats.
You are here because I can catalyze the change you need to see in yourself.
So, are you ready?

Take the first step NOW towards more happiness, health and fulfillment.
Do what you were meant to do, be who you are meant to be!

Take up the opportunity today to find yourself, your purpose and meaning. Here are your options: 1. Start now and cover Week 1 and Week 2 in a 3 hour Skype call for €995 to see immediate changes in your clarity and confidence. 2. Commit to the full 9 Week Program via Skype for €5000 and really gain full self awareness for total self transformation. 3. Join me in person to redesign your lifestyle, up level your energy and totally renew yourself for all expenses paid in Portugal or Italy for €15,000.

When chosing the second and third options there is a 3 payment plan too. You will be billed 21 days apart.

Why Me? Why You? Why Now?
It’s simple: So many of us put ourselves and our needs last. We find a whole bunch of other things we feel need to be a priority instead of our health and happiness.

It’s about high-time this changed! Why Not?

I urge you to join the hundreds of other passionate and conscious people I have worked with that are now giving and getting more out of life.

I am excited to help you gain the self confidence, self love and care to show up great in this game called life.

Apply now & I will contact you soon,
Love, Diana

P.S. How long are you going to continue to struggle with doubt, fear and frustation?

How much longer do you want to wait to have control over your life?

You can continue dow the path you have traveled so far based on trial and error.
Or you can come down this path of committing to your better self,
transforming your life, and investing in yourself to create prosperity …

P.P.S. Take advantage of either Special Offer to lock in your discount today.

3 Payments of €1795       |       1 Payment of €5000